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It is the mission of MedicinusIP to generate, supplement and multiply the value of IP assets in the medical device and life sciences field by driving the creation of new IP, identifying under performing properties and broadening the scope of existing assets.

                                                                                                                                 R M Rauker

Bob Rauker, CEO

Bob has over 25 years of experience in the creating, developing, selling and licensing of intellectual property in the medical device and life sciences industries.  Identifying a long sought need for a company that can assist clients in maximizing the value of their inventions through improved patenting processes, strategic business development plans and innovative licensing programs, Bob founded MedicinusIP LLC. 

Bob's latest client to use his services is Separation Design Group of Waynesburg, PA.  Bob created the business plan, drove the funding and helped create Belluscura plc, a medical device company focused on patented oxygen enrichment technology originally developed by Separation Design Group.  Bob is also CEO of Belluscura.

Prior to founding MedicinusIP, Bob created and led the medical device and life sciences group at a publicly traded licensing company.  While at his previous position, he created partnerships with surgeons, startups and multibillion dollar companies.  His portfolios have generated, and continue to generate, millions of dollars in royalty revenue.  His partners have earned millions through his deals also.  Before the licensing company, Bob ran two successful global IP departments at major medical device companies and also practiced corporate and IP law in private practice. 

Bob has mechanical engineering and MBA degrees from the U of Massachusetts (Lowell) and law degree from the U of New Hampshire School of Law.  He is a registered US patent attorney and admitted to practice law in several states and federal courts.  He is the inventor on 10 US patents and applications in the medical device field.