Developing a new product and need access to patents?  Let us work on a plan to see if access is possible and negotiate any subsequent licenses. 

Patent Acquisition

We will come in and use our 20+ years of experience to drive an invention brainstorming session.


We have significant experience drafting and negotiating development and consulting agreements for surgeons and researchers.  We can negotiate an agreement that meets both your and relevant regulatory requirements.

Consulting/Development Agreements

Patent Licensing/Enforcement

Where a client desires to sell a patent portfolio, we will put together a valuation and a subsequent plan to sell or exclusively license it.

Patent Brokering

Our goal with an IP investment project is evaluate a portfolio against the current and future market trends to see if an equity investment can be made. 

IP Investment

Our goal in a patent focusing project is to evaluate your current patent portfolio for ways to potentially broaden the scope for increased coverage and licensing potential.

Patent Focusing

Our Services.

"Many of life's failures are people who did not realize how close they were to success when they gave up"
                                                                                           Thomas Alva Edison

Alternative Projects

We can put together a comprehensive licensing program that can be limited to soft licensing, litigation enforcement or a combination of both.  Every situation is unique.  Let our team of experts put together a program that meets your needs and expectations


We can put together a commercialization plan together with estimated costs, time to market, and forecasted revenues.

Our goal is to drive increased value of your patent assets.  We can perform valuation audits, royalty audits, agreement audits, enforcement reviews, etc.  The key is to reach out to us to see if we can increase the value of your IP asset.